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The making of…

14 Jan



Wrapping the ‘Nuit Blanche’ series.

11 May

Nuit Blanche goes a while back. The first pictures of the series were taken 3 years ago, next week by this time of the day I will eventually be able to say I got to finish it.

Inspired by some great artists as Saul Leiter, Lara Gasparotto, Dirk Braeckman,… I came up with the idea to give black and white pictures a whole new meaning to myself. Setting a new scope in my photography – somewhat blurry, common objects but in an uncommon scenery, free for interpretation and all made from dusk till the shimmering light of dawn.

Started in Oostende, spread to various places all over Europe (Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, …) and ended back home, right in the heart of Kortrijk. Numerous pictures were taken of which in the long run only 24 passed my own decisive selection.

What’s next? Nice question, for sure something new, something different but still no on-line overview of those ‘Nuit Blanche’ series as I do hope to host my own exhibition later this year.

So why spoil it digital when you can set your eyes on printed & developed versions :-).

Sneak peak? 8 new photographs will be on show in Kortrijk next weekend, 14-15-16th of May, in Broeltoren north in honor of the Photoview XL tour. Free entrance y’all ;-)!

Nuit blanche - wrap)!

Das Ich

12 Jan

So we’re January 12th, 2016,

I hear you, yes this blog is still on-line. It’s been a while since I’ve posted new work and yes it’s been a while since I’ve held my camera in both my hands instead of the quick – 1 hand – snapshot – momentum I had back in 2015.

Although I repel resolutions – especially around this time of the year – I am planning to publish more often in 2016. Not that big of a promise if you know I’ve only posted 5 blogposts last year ;).

Either way, let’s get things started, you never know I might finish those ‘nuit blanche’ series this year.

Music has (by far) always been the most inspiring trigger in everything I do. Although it’s a sound, it reflects a certain vision I want to snap on pictures when the time is right. In that aspect, hence the title of this blogpost, I was lucky to combine both this time and be part of a Das Ich concert a few weeks ago. I’m not a big fan but it’s a 100% match with respect to the above words on inspiration. The music literally took control and brought beneath interpretation of the gig. Hope you enjoy and I do hope to repost, other, maybe sharper, images throughout 2016.

All the best,


Das Ich 1Das Ich 2Das Ich 5Das Ich 4Das Ich 3Das Ich 6

Nonstop disco powerpack

4 Mar

That same old line

18 Aug

Sex, drugs & danger.

23 May

Cannonball run.

14 May

Tout nouveau.

12 Apr

Schweben, Fliegen Und Fallen – I Am Not Drunk!

23 Mar

Peace & Quiet

16 Mar