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Big fan of this little man!

9 May

Big fan of this little man!


I am – Elynn

15 Dec



I am – Pascal

18 Sep


Married… with children

18 Mar

Not your average selfie…

Here we are, packed with a mirror, a tripod, and our remoted camera set up in the studio. Yet another magic hour making fun with the camera and each other – our family captured on a picture, ready for a dibond framework as an infinite decoration in a room, in our house, in the middle of the street… 🙂

Married... with children


Das Ich

12 Jan

So we’re January 12th, 2016,

I hear you, yes this blog is still on-line. It’s been a while since I’ve posted new work and yes it’s been a while since I’ve held my camera in both my hands instead of the quick – 1 hand – snapshot – momentum I had back in 2015.

Although I repel resolutions – especially around this time of the year – I am planning to publish more often in 2016. Not that big of a promise if you know I’ve only posted 5 blogposts last year ;).

Either way, let’s get things started, you never know I might finish those ‘nuit blanche’ series this year.

Music has (by far) always been the most inspiring trigger in everything I do. Although it’s a sound, it reflects a certain vision I want to snap on pictures when the time is right. In that aspect, hence the title of this blogpost, I was lucky to combine both this time and be part of a Das Ich concert a few weeks ago. I’m not a big fan but it’s a 100% match with respect to the above words on inspiration. The music literally took control and brought beneath interpretation of the gig. Hope you enjoy and I do hope to repost, other, maybe sharper, images throughout 2016.

All the best,


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I am Valentina

8 Oct

Gosh (oh my)


I am – Elke

12 Nov

I am - Elke


2 Feb






Million voices

21 Oct

Dream on

8 Aug